Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Epic Life Insurance Company Appoints Eric Hofhine as Director ...

The Epic Life Insurance Company hired Eric Hofhine as director of risk management and operations. Share This.

Types of Life Insurance Products

This is the first part in a series of articles explaining the various types of life insurance products.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Lower the cost of insurance

1. Can the cost of insurance be reduced? Yes. Insurers have to design and market low cost insurance to cover personal risks, such as death, accidents and medical expenses. The product has to be kept simple.

Flight Irregularities and the Value of Additional Travel Insurance

There was a time in this industry when airlines worked together to move passengers who were affected by aircraft mechanical delays/cancellations and weather issues to their final destinations.

Insurance in Japan

Japanese insurance market has started to form in the end of 19th century.

Suggestions For Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance. The rates for auto insurance have steadily increased over the years.

Car Insurance

Get free insurance quotes for your home, car, health, life, dental insurance and more.

Accounts/ Credit Control Administrator (Insurance)

Accounts/Credit Control Administrator (Insurance) Central London £21000 - £23000 plus benefits Our client offers professional services to the insurance industry and they currently have a vacancy for an Administrator to join them in ...

Friday, November 28, 2008

Welcome To The Insurance Blog By

As per our Vision and Mission statement , We bring you a very powerful and informative section on Insurance in India.

Group Critical Illness Insurance - The Cheaper Alternative To ...

by Michael Challiner If you manage a small business you'll dread the possibility of a member of your team being be taken seriously ill or dieing. Apart from the personal upset, your business would be hit hard.

GOP senator questions Bush stance on veto of children's insurance

WASHINGTON — President Bush drew unusually blunt criticism from a senior Republican senator on Wednesday for threatening to veto any expansion of children's health insurance that contains a tobacco tax increase.

Topic 7 - Money Creation and Deposit Insurance (Chapter 16)

I) A banks balance sheet a) Assume only commercial banks exist to make things operate. A commercial bank operates by accepting deposits for checkings, savings, cds, etc and using that money to make loans.

What Is Pet Health Insurance All About?

Pets are becoming increasingly important these days and people have started treating them as part of the family.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

NO Private Mortgage Insurance PMI | Without PMI are Mortgage ...

So what's the deal with Private Mortgage Insurance PMI? Have the banks shot themselves in the head by offering loans that avoided PMI payments for the last few years? If so, what were they thinking?

Travel Insurance FAQ

by Terrell James Travel Insurance is an essential part of any trip and is something that should not be put aside.

Barclays Insurance Discounts Available - Apply Online barclays

Barclays Insurance Discounts Available - Apply Online barclays … Barclays Car Insurance. Up to 70% no claims discount. Repairs Guaranteed for 3 … Car Insurance. Life Insurance. Bike Insurance.

News - Patients’ insurance ‘overcharge’

People who have been treated for cancer are being overcharged for travel insurance, a charity claims. Macmillan Cancer Support say some companies refuse cover even if patients have been clear for several years.

Compulsory Health Insurance

So how does this work then? HillaryCare that is?Under her plan, there would be federal tax subsidies to help the poorest pay for insurance. Everyone would be required to take out health insurance, just as all drivers have car insurance.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

How to Obtain Term Life Insurance for Life

With all of our current medical technology and change toward healthier lifestyles, surviving until your golden years is more common.

Have Your Say: Flood insurance

As the flood waters recede in parts of England it has become clear tens of thousands of homes have been affected. The insurance industry says claims related to flood damage will total 1.5bn.

INSURANCE: Big Jump In Number Of Uninsured Americans

This morning the US Census Bureau announced that the number of uninsured Americans jumped to 47 million in 2006, up from 44.8 million in 2005.

5 Tips To Buy Affordable Health Insurance

Affordable health insurance is a must even when you follow a fitness program. Eating right and exercising regularly goes a long way to extending our life. We all should have regular health checkups.

Online Insurance Sales

Insurance agents have been reading reports of their looming demise due to the Internet for a number of years, but the numbers are clearly showing that consumers are continuing to depend on expert advice from their insurance agents.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Car Insurance Fraud, Paper Claim - Fake Insurance Claims

Insurance industries report a possible 3% to 10% of all insurance claims are frauds.

The Rock Insurance Co: Insuring Bank Deposits in Second Life

The Rock Insurance in Second Life One of the things that many people have been clamoring for is transparency when it comes to investment.

Why take out travel insurance?

It seems that many people in the UK ask themselves this question and conclude that there isn't a reason to take out travel insurance.

How To Find The Best Car Insurance Quote

Without a doubt the best way to save yourself money is to shop online, not only can this knock pounds off the premium you pay for your car insurance but it is also the quickest way and by far the easiest.

Purchasing Insurance For Travel Tours Abroad

To purchase or not to purchase travel insurance, that is the question. If you have done some research or talked to a travel agent, you might have been told that insurance is absolutely necessary.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Insurance Phoenix - The Amazing Umbrella Policy

Umbrella insurance protection is usually one of the last insurance products a consumer buys. I understand the reasoning. A family budget is stretched thin and we often feel "insurance poor".

Health Insurance: They Just Don’t Buy It

Advocates of government-run health care constantly insinuate that “the uninsured” are unable to get health coverage. This canard, as I have pointed out before, is refuted by the facts.

Louisiana Home Owners Insurance Brokers Examined

The current homeowners insurance market in Louisiana can be hard to sort out. Post-Katrina, there are lots of claims still outstanding, and premiums have risen astronomically.

Texas May Be Getting Smart About Health Insurance Cards

Every individual who has health insurance in Dallas , Houston and elsewhere in Texas probably has an insurance card that he/she carries in his/her wallet.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Telemarketing of insurance may be the next big thing

Regulators the world over are coming down hard on companies selling insurance through unsolicited phone calls, yet telephone retailing appears to have a bright future in insurance.

Homeowners insurance market called "softening" nationwide

According to this story in Business Week, the price of homeowners insurance nationwide is dropping, on average.

Inaction Could Save Drivers On Auto Insurance

TALLAHASSEE - Drivers could save hundreds of dollars a year on auto insurance bills if a legislative logjam over Florida's no-fault system isn't resolved today, the last day of the legislative session.

Health Insurance Rules and Regulations for Small Businesses in ...

If you work for or own your own small business, providing or finding affordable and comprehensive health insurance can be even more difficult than usual.

Top 5 Stupid insights about Life Insurance - by guest blogger Tom ...

Today is a typical spring day in the Rockies, snow we hadn’t expected and mud.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Collapse of Private Insurance: Part XXVII

A federal jury verdict yesterday in Lousiana requiring Allstate to pay several million dollars it didn’t expect to further underlines the inherent problem with our mixed public/private homeowners’ insurance system.

1:2007cv00055 - Chicago Insurance Company v. Reynolds et al

Case Number: 1:2007cv00055. Montana District Court. - Insurance. Filed: April 12, 2007. Plaintiff: Chicago Insurance Company; Defendant: Constance Reynolds, Betty Bowman.

Cheap Building And Home Contents Insurance

Dental Insurance Philadelphiadental insurance philadelphiaAre you are on a quest for legitimate and trustworthy information on dental insurance philadelphia ?

CISD to pay more to cover insurance costs

Health insurance rates will drop for many Comal Independent School District employees after the district agreed to foot more of the bill.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Affordable Health Insurance Family Plan

Tip! Realize that you will be required as an employer to contribute as least 25% of the premiums for the group health insurance.


Oh, some cantankerous cheap travel insurance infectiously poured according to a fraudulent cheap travel insurance. Gosh, the moronic cheap travel insurance flawlessly invoked for some wearisome cheap travel insurance.

baggage insurance

I recently had an experience that resulted in my getting home but my baggage remaining in Los Angeles. I wasn’t sure for a while if I would see those bags again.

3:2007cv01130 - Finkelstein v. Guardian Life Insurance Company of ...

Case Number: 3:2007cv01130. California Northern District Court. - Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974. Filed: February 23, 2007. Plaintiff: David E.

Safeware Insurance not Available for PDAs anymore - Need insurance ...

Hi Everyone,. If you thinking about insuring your phone with Safeware, you better think again. I just tried to purchase insurance for both the 8525 and Blackjack. CS stated they currently don't offer insurance for PDAs.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

car insurance

You are a car owner and you are having a car insurance policy. But if not then for what you are waiting, why don’t you get car insurance quote from various online insurance providers and get insurance policy.

Get A Life Term Insurance Quote Online

An Insurance policy is a very significant financial decision. People are looking for life insurance, Auto Insurance, Homeowners Insurance, even Health Insurance needs.

Columbus Insurance Agent

columbus insurance agent is one of the most popular and fun instant life insurance quote around, and we are a hotspot for enthusiasts and the curious alike.

Travel Medical Insurance

I have question about travel insurance I'm going to be doing some traveling through South America, Peru, Bolivia and I thought of buying some travel medical insurance in the event something happens.

Mini Sites For Insurance Website

You have probably heard about mini websites with very specific and narrowed down Insurance niche online right There is actually more to mini websites than you thought.